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Many people are unaware of the serious threat of ORAL CANCER.

Dr. Snyder would like to educate you and determine whether you are at risk. This is a serious matter and Dr. Snyder the passion and knowledge to help you prevent any risk.

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Let’s Talk About Dental Implants and Dentures

Let’s talk about Implants and Dentures

Implants and dentures both serve the same purpose. They both replace missing teeth.

How important it is to replace missing teeth?

Dr. Snyder explains, “having a healthy beautiful smile can boost your confidence and make you feel great and that is why I am here to help you and guide you on your decision”.

The two most effective methods for replacing missing teeth and helping you restore your smile are dentures and implants.

Replacing missing teeth is a step toward taking care of your health and well-being.

Whether you choose dentures or implants depends on several factors, including:

  1. Your overall health
  2. The heath of your gums and bones
  3. Cost

It is important that you consult with your dentist on which one is right for you: Dull Dentures or Partial Dentures.

Full dentures are made to replace all upper and lower teeth.

Partial dentures are made to fit on the existing teeth and can be removed and cleaned at home.

Implants are a permanent solution to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. Implants are like natural teeth and they require the same care and are likely to last you a lifetime.

I hope this simplifies things a bit!




How Does dental health affect your heart?

Gum Disease can affect your health and over time, it may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

How ?  DR. Snyder adds” Bacteria that cause periodontal disease can release toxins into or travel through the bloodstream and help fatty plaques in the arteries.

What is the Connection between heart and mouth?

Since our mouth is connected to the rest of our body, infections that start there, don’t stay there. In other words the estate of our dental health can contribute to the health  of our overall health including our heart.

Dr. Snyder as a General Dentist recommends to have dental check ups every 6 months if there is not gum disease. However if gum disease is present Dr. Snyder recommends more frequent check ups.

Preventing heart disease is a commitment to your overall health, and that includes your oral health as well. According to the American Heart Association , heart disease is consider the number one killer in the United States.

Up to 91% of patients with heart disease have gum disease, this condition often goes undiagnosed but it affects roughly 80% of all Americans.

Gum Disease and Heart Disease

This is caused by poor oral care. Dr. Snyder adds” one symptom is when your gums are red or swollen. They may also frequently bleed when you brush your teeth.

Dr. Snyder adds” Having a healthy smile can lead to a healthy heart and if you are concerned about your heart health, you may want to take a hard look at your oral health as well. You’ll be glad you did.





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Affordable Dental Implants Coral Springs, Florida

Are you looking for

affordable dental implants in Coral Springs, Florida?

How do you find a reputable

family and cosmetic dentistry

practice that can deliver amazing new dental implants at unbelievable price?
When searching for cosmetic dentistry, always ask for the credentials from your dentist. Are they certified? Do they have experience? Do they have great reviews? Always be sure your local dentist checks each box. It’s imperative.

Now that you’ve found a reputable cosmetic dentist to perform the dental implant procedure, let’s explore costs. What is a dental implant average cost? As of now, the average cost per implant is between $3000-$6000. HOWEVER, Dr. Snyder in Coral Springs Florida has over 28 years of experience and offers amazing cosmetic dentist in coral springs for less than average cost and more than average care.

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Cost of Dental Implants Coral Springs, Fl

Dental Implants Coral Springs, Fl

Dental Implant Cost Coral Springs, Fl.

How much do dental implants cost? If you are in the Coral Springs, Fl area and want to know how much you should pay for dental implants, fear not! We have the answers!

The cost of Dental Implants can be a tricky subject for most people. After all, the price discrepancy from one dental office to another is extremely variable. But why? Is it experience? Is it the product? What makes prices for dental implants so different?

First, let’s look at the most important factors when dealing with cost:

  1. Dentist overhead
  2. Location
  3. Fee structure

Additionally , as we know, each patient has specific individual needs and that relate to the condition of the jawbone and gums and the potential of requiring a bone graph, extraction or temporary tooth, among other things.

So, what does this mean in terms of price? Well, the cost of an average implant procedure, including the crown, ranges between $3000-$5000 per tooth. HOWEVER, we have great news!!!

Our costs are less than average, Dr. Snyder is the best Dental Implant Dentist in Coral Springs and:




Teeth Whitening Coral Springs – Why Choose GLO Science?

GLO Teeth Whitening Coral Springs

Coral Springs Teeth Whitening

So, you’re looking for the best Teeth Whitening in Coral Springs? Look no further than the best Dentist in Coral Springs, with over 28 years of trusted, quality experience, Dr. Brian Snyder.

Dr. Snyder uses the latest teeth whitening technology, GLO Science. Why? Let’s look at the benefits:

1. Five shades whiter teeth after one treatment.
2. Half the chair time.
3. No sensitivity issues.

What’s the best part? You can enter to win a FREE TEETH WHITENING by simply signing up for our email list at DENTIST IN CORAL SPRINGS. See you soon!

Coral Springs Dentist Specials

Coral Springs Dentist, Dr. Brian Snyder, would like to announce the launch of two new dental landing pages that will feature all of our monthly and weekly specials. Be sure to check in regularly as we are always updating with new, money-saving dental specials. The new sites are:

Dentist in Coral Springs

Coral Springs Dentist

Give the Gift of a Smile for this Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time of year for us all. We get to see our family, receive gifts, take time off from work and eat a lot of junk food! Hey, we all need a break from our diets, right?

Although the food is great and the sweets are tasty, let’s not forget about the tools that make all of this possible for us to enjoy: OUR TEETH! So, when thinking of appropriate holiday gifts, your Coral Springs Dentist is the perfect place to look. What better gift than giving someone a better smile?

So, if you are ready to “put a smile on someone’s face” this holiday season, here are a few great options to consider:

  1. Professional Teeth Whitening – Here at Dr. Snyder’s office in Coral Springs, FL we offer the best whitening system currently available – GLO Whitening, a revolutionary teeth whitening system. For more information, feel free to visit the GLO Science website.
  2. Porcelain Veneers – What are veneers? Veneers are the thin shells that fit around bad teeth to bring life back to your smile. Dr. Snyder is highly trusted and skilled in creating a beautiful smile for the recipient of your unique holiday gift.
  3. Invisalign – Want to give the gift of straight teeth without the bulky braces? Try Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner that is virtually invisible. Dr. Snyder specializes in Invisalign treatment and will be happy to add a beautiful smile to your loved one. For more information on Invisalign feel free to visit the Invisalign website.

Although these are some of your options, call us to discuss all of your options available for your loved ones this holiday season. Afterall, the holidays are for happiness and smiling, right? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!