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Welcome to the practice of Dr. Brian H. Snyder, where your oral health is our top priority. In today’s world of quick fixes, Dr. Snyder and his staff are dedicated to each patient’s long-term satisfaction with their smile’s health, function, and aesthetics. Our approach encompasses preventive care, patient education, and a doctor-patient relationship based on mutual respect.

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Treating Every Facet of Dental Health

Dental health is about so much more than preventing cavities. The connection between good oral health and overall health is undeniable. Your oral health impacts everything from your diet to your risk of heart disease. A beautiful, healthy smile boosts confidence and encourages others to get to know you. Dr. Snyder and his team treat every facet of dental health—preventive, restorative, and cosmetic—so you can face the world with a beautiful, healthy smile!

  • Periodontal Health – Healthy gums are the key to a healthy body. Gum disease can infect the bloodstream, leading to cardiovascular and circulatory issues.
  • Cosmetic Care – Our Smile Makeovers can transform your smile with clear aligners, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and other cosmetic dental procedures.
  • Invisalign® Clear Aligners—Crooked or misaligned teeth can cause uneven wear, chipping, or cracking. Invisalign corrects your bite and gives you a gorgeous, even smile.
  • Replace Missing Teeth – Whether you are missing one or all of your teeth, the impact on your health is dramatic. Dental implants, dentures, and bridges are among the options that can restore your ability to enjoy the foods you love, smile confidently, and preserve your jawbone health.

Providing a Welcoming Environment

Whether this is your first appointment or you are a long-time patient, when you walk through our doors, you are warmly greeted by our office staff and dental care team. Our tranquil, spa-like atmosphere and friendly approach will put you at ease. If you have been avoiding dental care because of anxiety or fear, you can relax knowing you are in a judgment-free zone. We understand that every dental care journey is unique; if you have experienced dental trauma, we will work with you to overcome it and put you on the path to a beautiful, healthy smile.

Communicating Clearly

Dr. Snyder takes the time to explain every procedure to his patients before creating a treatment plan. We encourage you to ask questions at your appointment. There is never a dumb question when it comes to your oral health! Dr. Snyder will answer all your questions and make sure you understand any procedures he recommends before proceeding with treatment. You are an informed and active participant in your oral care every step of the way.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dr. Snyder‘s office. To schedule an appointment, please call our office at Brian H. Snyder, D.D.S. Phone Number 954-753-4101.